Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Circuit for controlling 8 appliances using TV Remote

IR decoder Circuit:

The IR circuit can be used to switch devices using TV Remote. Normal circuits can switch only one device. But using this circuit, different devices can be controlled using same remote with different switches. In this circuit, we interfaced 8 devices. These devices are switched using remote keypad -1 to 8. AT89S52 microcontroller is used to control the inputs and outputs. TSOP 1738 (infrared receiver) is used to receive the infrared signals from TV Remote. ULN2803 (High voltage, high current) buffer is used to drive relays.
Circuit Diagram:

IR Decode Circuit
RC-5 Protocol: To understand the operation the details of RC-5 Protocol has to be studied.
Buy an 8 channel relay board for easy installation as the board will contain relay mate connectors for connecting the switch board wires. Post your doubts if you have any...