Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Windows Comparator Using Op-Amp

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Windows Comparator Using Op-Amp
Just Draw the Circuit on protious and Make Pcb For Windows Comparator Using Op-Amp. LF 353 is used for this purpose. It has a self frequency Compensation.
Windows Comapartor 

Monday, January 19, 2015

RTC using Ds1307 and 89c52 with Multiplex 7-segment display


  RTC using Ds1307 and 89c52 with Multiplex 7-segment display

Salam ....Friends in this tutorial ,we are interfacing real time clock Ds1307 with 89c52 and displaying time on multiplex 7-segment display .In google there are many related projects about the Real Time Clock but no one use the 7-segment display so my method  is different and less expensive ,because i don't use the crystal LCD. step1 is about RTC and I2c .

RTC  is an electronic device which  plays an essential role in realtime embedded system design. It provides a  precise time and date in various applications such as system clock, student attendance system and alarm etc, that keep track on current time and provides consistent result to the respective task. This article presents RTC interfacing with 8051microcotrollerand basic accessing of internal registers.

RTC Programming and Interfacing

RTC  interfacing with 89c52 microcontroller is similar to all other kinds of  “Real Time Clocks” interfaced to it. So let us look on simple RTC interfacing with 89c52 microcontroller and programming procedure involving in it.

Step1: Select RTC Device

The various kinds of RTC chips are available in the real time embedded world, which are classified based on various criteria such as package type, supply voltage and pin configuration etc.  A few types of RTC devices are;
  • Two-Wire Serial Interface (I2C Bus)
  • Three-Wire Serial Interface (USB BUS)
  • Four-wire Serial interface (SPI BUS)
First, we need to select type of RTC device by category based on requirement like I2C Bus RTC or SPI Bus RTC or other, which suitsfor interfacingwith respective microcontroller. Then we can select features of RTC device depending on requirement of application such as battery life, suitable package and clock frequency. Let us consider two-wire interfacing RTC with 8051 microcontroller such as DS1307.