Saturday, November 30, 2013

3V to 9V DC Converters

Here are some 3V to 9V DC converter circuits that were requested by some of our visitors. It may be helpful to have one of this converters when no 9V battery is available or if you consider that they are too expensive. The first circuit is very simple, it uses the TL496 power supply controller, a coil and a electrolytic capacitor.

TL496 3 to 9 volt converter circuit
tl496 3 to 9V dc converter
The maximum output voltage is actually 8.6V and current is around 80mA.
The input current (the current drawn from the batteries) is 405mA at the maximum output current. Without load the current consumption is 125µA and the batteries life is around 166 days.

Here is another 1.5… 4.5V to 9V converter

3 volt to 9 volt with LMC555
This dc converter is built with the CMOS version of 555 timer. You can get 12V too if you change the zener diode to a 12V version.
3volt 9volt 555 timer
Probably there are more 3 to 9 volt dc converters but for the moment those are the only ones presented in this article.

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