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Ultrasonic Distance Finder By Using 89c51

Ultrasonic Distance Finder By Using  89c51

                                                       Bismiallah Hirahman Niraheem 

As you see below there are two code one is main code and another is a external function code and this is for serial transmit ...when main code call this function then serial transmission is occur .
Important thing is that i use cyrstal oscillator of   11.0592 Mhz    for serial communication ...12Mhz oscillator not worked .

You can Also DOWNLOAD  hex File from Link   given in the end of this page


Main Code :

#include <AT89X51.h>
#include <stdio.h>

extern void SerialTx(signed int);

sbit Trigger=P1^0;
sbit Eco=P1^1;
sbit Led=P1^2;

void main (void)
    int c;
    unsigned int t;
    float s;
    float f;

    SerialTx(-3);      // External Function Call  ( board rate 9600 )
TMOD=0x21;     //use Timer 1 in mode 2 and Timer 0 in mode 1 ,  {timer 0 } start and stop from externally

    Trigger=0;                          // Make trigger as output
    Eco=1;                              // Make Eco as Input
         TH0=0xD8;                     // initialized by  38ms  for Eco check

        for(c=0;c<1;c++);               // From calculation this is Aprox 14 usec delay
        while(Eco==0){ ; }                 //  Wait until eco = 0
        while(Eco==1)                       //  Wait until eco = 1
            if(TF0 == 1)
                 printf("Object is out of range...........\n ");     
                TF0 = 0;
        TR0 = 0;
        t = TH0;
        t = t<<8;
        t = t+TL0;
        t = t - 0xD8F0;
         s=.0165F*t;                       //formula for coverting into centimeter
        f=s*.0300F;                            //formula for converting into foots



        printf("Timer Exact Value = %u \n\n\n" ,t);                                              // Exact value
        printf("Counted Distance Value = %f cm \n\n\n " ,s);
        printf("Counted Distance Value = %f  Foot \n\n\n " ,f);                             // Calculated Distance

          External Function Serial Transmit   SerialTx


#include <reg51.h>
#include <stdio.h>
void SerialTx(signed int );
void SerialTx(signed int a)

TH1=a; //9600 baud rate  FD = -3

Download  Hex File Click Here  

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