Sunday, November 17, 2013

Temperature Relay Circuit

This simple temperature relay circuit can be used to signal a fire or setpoint for temperature monitoring function. You need to adjust P1 so that T1′s base voltage is 0.5V smaller than the emitter voltage at a temperature a little bit lower than the desired triggering (switching) temperature.

If the temperature increases then T1 and T2 start conducting and the relay is closed (ON). If you want to use it as a cold relay or to signal an inferior temperature limit, then Th1 and P1 change places. After the relay is triggering you need to open switch S1 in order to stop the circuit. The nominal value of P1 must be choosed according to the used NTC thermistor and the switching temperature to be adjusted.

Temperature relay schematic

temperature relay circuit schematic
T1 can be BC557 and T2 BC547.

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