Saturday, October 26, 2013

Simple Mobile Phone Jammer Circuit Diagram

                 Circuit showing a mobile phone jammer.Here i have used a fm transistor for making this circuit.Mobile phones are working in 450  MHz  frequency .Here the transmitter generate almost equal to 450 MHz  frequency there for the mobile phone does not identify the original signal but the signal range is very week so this circuit working in only 100 m range .This circuit working in only 450 Mhz .Do not give more than 3 V

Part List
Component No: Value  Usage
R1 100R  Emitter loading
R2 39k   Base Biasing
C115 pf  Frequency
C24.7pf  Feedback
C3 4.7pf  Feedback
C4102pf  Noise Reduce
C5 1MFCoupling
C6 2.2pf  Coupling
C7    103pf    Decoupling 
Q1 BF 494  Amplification
L1 22nH Frequency


* FM Transmission

* TV Transmission

* Remote Controlled Toy

Electronics  lab   ,     Created by Muhammad Irfan


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